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All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace Officers A Chance...

I was proud to see that San Diego's firefighters got their raise last Tuesday.  As the son and sibling of people in law enforcement, it had disheartened me to see our local police and firefighters paid so little.

I can understand that we are in a budget crisis, but this is something we should never skimp on.  Where would we have been last fall during the fires, without dedicated firefighters risking their lives to protect us?  How many times have the nearly stretched thin police of San Diego helped to keep the city safe from criminal elements?  If you ask me, paying these noble people so little is the real crime in San Diego these days.

Trina from Carlsbad
April 30, 2008 at 04:34 PM
Ain't that the truth! We often complain about the air conditioning not working in our office at work or some trivial thing, while our neighbors in uniform are out risking their lives at their job! Sheesh! My second son was born so fast that my husband had to deliver him on our bedroom floor. The local fire department showed up within minutes (after I answered my husband's panicked question "What's the number for 911?!"). Every year on my son's birthday we bring goodies to the firemen to thank them for being there for us. Next time you see a fireman holding out that solicitous boot at your nearby intersection, drop in a green thank you note.