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Political Fix by Gloria Penner

District 1's Quality Candidates

Last week, I moderated a candidates' forum in La Jolla. Actually, I was moderator and interviewer since I asked all the questions, some submitted by readers of the La Jolla Light . I thought long and hard about taking on this gig because an after-work event that requires lots of preparation, time, and energy can detract from my next day's focus. But I'm glad I did.

All three candidates who want to represent District 1 on the San Diego City Council were there and each was impressive. In fact, I would recommend that San Diego Councilman Jim Madaffer get to know Sherri Lightner , Marshall Merrifield , and Phil Thalheimer . It was Madaffer who said his reason for voting for the wildly unpopular 24% council-pay increase last week was to improve the quality of council members.