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Local Troubadour Steve Poltz Performs Folk Rock from New Album

Steve Poltz's fans have been waiting for a long time for a new record from the acclaimed and quirky singer-songwriter. This year, they got their wish, and more. Poltz released two albums simultaneousl

Local Troubadour Steve Poltz Performs Folk Rock from New Album

Tom Fudge : Steve Poltz is a musician who's developed a unique style of what you might call folk-rock. His style is based on the sound of his voice and his always clever and colorful lyrics. His old band was called the Rugburns. He admits to being a big fan of James Taylor. He's also had a long association with pop star Jewel, who he got to know here in San Diego. Steve wrote Jewel's mega-hit You Were Meant for Me.

Steve's CD's are not generally autobiographical, but that is true of his new one; the first one he's put out in four and a half years. The CD is called Traveling , which Steve does an awful lot of. But he's home in San Diego now, and he agreed to pay us a visit in our KPBS performance studio to talk with me and play some music.       

You can see Steve perform this Sunday, May 18 at the North Park Festival of the Arts .


  • Steve Poltz , acclaimed singer songwriter from San Diego. 
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