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Steve Poltz Tells Stories and Performs on These Days

I'm a Steve Poltz fan, I'll admit it at the outset. & The guy can make up a song at the drop of a hat, and it will likely be clever and observant and touching...and off-kilter. & A lot has been written about Steve's songwriting and performance style, which has been described ad nauseam as "quirky." & I'm going to go with "off-kilter" because while I know Steve to be a seeker of balance (he's a yoga devotee), he also can't help the fact that he sees the world from a totally askew vantage point. &

It's a crazy trip and a real treat to see the world through Steve's eyes, and he's generous enough to share it in music and on stage. He certainly shared it with These Days yesterday, where he came into the studio to play music and draw a few chuckles out of Tom Fudge . Tom and staff were quite entertained. During sound check, Steve broke out into a cover of "Memories" - oh yes, that one - which he admitted is his favorite song right now. He also sang a hilarious song inapproprite for public radio (featuring a job on a bus) but a tried and true fan favorite. If you go see him this Sunday at North Park Festival of the Arts (and you should!) you may hear it. The music that did make it on the radio included some great cuts from Steve's new album Traveling , and one from his other new album, Unraveling . & Check him out: