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Guillermo del Toro at the 2004 Comic-Con

Some filmmakers and celebrities come to Comic-Con because they need to promote their movies to a particular fan base. But others come because they ARE that fan base.  This includes Quentin Tarantino (whom I met at a friend’s poster booth before Reservoir Dogs came out), Robert Rodriguez , Sam Raimi , and of course, Guillermo del Toro . Con attendees embrace these people because they share the same obsessions. After del Toro's panel in 2004, he was mobbed by fans in the hallway but took time to talk with almost everyone (including Aaron Soto , one of our KPBS Comic-Con team members, who gets a photo op with del Toro at the end of this video).

Aaron Soto from Tj
July 23, 2008 at 04:03 AM
Who would have tought that years later we will have a private meeting with the man himself! Great memorys, Beth thank you for posting this! You rule!!! P.S. There's movie score artist Edgar Guerra at the beginning of the video.