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As I sit here staring at the computer screen through the perceptual filter of various and overlapping cold medications, the issue of health care reform is about the only thing I can focus on.

McCain has a plan . Obama has a plan . Nader has a plan . Barr has, if not a plan, at least some thoughts on the issue.

While I'd like to think my vote can be completely altruistic, I'll admit my wallet can influence my thinking. I have a good healthcare plan. I have a good healthcare plan because I pay for a good healthcare plan, and chose to pay for it while I was relatively young and healthy.


Alma Sove from San Diego
July 23, 2008 at 11:36 PM
Sorry to hear about the nasty cold, Chuck. While I agree that a one-size-fits-all health plan is doomed by default, that the country is asking the government to get involved says a lot to me about the shift of what medical care means in the U.S. It seems like medicine used to be seen as a miracle of sorts, and maybe a privilege, because of the advances being made. But now, people seem more to view medicine and its breakthroughs as tools necessary to go on living. We want greater accessibility to the miracles. Less of a intermediary approach to medicine, and more of a direct line to the goods. Of course the internet & availability of information in plain English have everything to do w/the shift; as do the lawsuits against drug makers more interested in FDA approval than healing. I just don't think medical care is anymore of a commodity than clean water. The candidates' plans are not perfect but I hope they've left room for improvement. As you said, there are still lots of self-employed and Indep. Contractors who need affordable, good health plans.