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Weekend Preview

So many new places to eat, so little time. There's Italian in Mission Hills, sushi in Banker's Hill, and a new french joint in Point Loma to name a few. Join Erin Chambers, editor of San Diego City S

Weekend Preview

Tom Fudge: Eating out is one of the pleasures of living in a big town with lots of choices. Restaurants come and go and they rise and fall with the fluctuation of eatings trends. That's why it's fun to take a look at the way the restaurant scene is changing and evolving.


Restaurants reviewed in this segment:

  • Olivetto Café and Wine Bar, Washington Avenue in Mission Hills
  • The Corner, 10th Ave and J street, downtown
  • Tabule, 4th Avenue downtown in the Gaslamp
  • Mukashi, 5th Avenue in Bankers Hill


  • Erin Chambers, editor of San Diego City Search