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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Lyle Lovett Performs With San Diego Choir

I saw Lyle Lovett and his large ( It's Not Big, It's Large ) band last night at Humphreys . where Lyle proved again that he's one of the most reliable performers in the biz.  I saw him once before, in Atlanta, and he was just as good.  One of the women I went with has seen him five times(!) and she insists she'll keep going back.  group members made fromdifferent churches.  choir director is eric overstreet  choir director - they'll be at 29th of October evening of gospel  at New Assurance Baptist Church.  sent them a cd, worked on it, rehearsed with them right before.  second time backed them up - a couple years ago at humphreys - local pastor got a call  - Matt Anderson, business manager for Heaven Bound. 

Here are the things I love about Lyle:  he writes about place and small moments and then adds a poetic kicker.  He's funny... and he's not afraid to write funny songs .  But, he's also one of the best at writing melancholy and nostalgia  (his performance last night of "If I Were the Man You Wanted" just killed me - it's such a beautiful and sad song).  Lyle also knows how to bring down the house, he was joined on stage by a small choir from San Diego and  three backup singers, all of whom were dapper in suits and ties with some Pips style moves.  

every city so far a choir for works with a choir from each city... - rehearse on the day of... sends  them  a cd and - tour began June 24th


He also sang the crowd pleaser "Give Back My Heart," which has some of my favorite lyrics in it, which he delivers perfectly:

So I stopped off at this little cowboy-looking bar
I walked on through the door and she just smiled
With a long ponytail and a pretty white dress
She said Hi, bullriders do it best
I said, oh my god, what's your name, my name's Lyle.