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Bombs Away

Vladimir Putin and President Bush The bombs and bullets flying within a far away autonomous region of the Republic of Georgia suggest that George Bush's concept of a global "War on Terror" should be back on the front burner when it comes to Presidential politics.

The domestic debate surrounding our war in Iraq is rightly centered on how we should go about ending things. Withdrawal timelines or pathways to victory? What is a withdrawal, what is a victory?  The candidates will refine their solutions and avoid pinning themselves down in the face of ever-changing facts on the ground. But fading fast to historical background are our reasons for waging war, the very concept of the "War on Terror"" and the precedent it sets for future conflicts.

This election cycle has essentially reduced these issues to a single catchall phrase:  judgment. One man voted for war and one man voted against the war - choose your side and move on to discussions of how to end things neatly. There seems to be a generally agreed upon notion that dwelling on the rational for war is an exercise in crying over spilled milk - what's done, is done -- now is a time for decisive leadership.

Neville from La Mesa
August 14, 2008 at 04:15 AM
While I in no way condone the aggressive and inhumane actions of Russia, I find it interesting that Georgia is not being publicly chastised for instigating these series of events.

August 14, 2008 at 08:35 PM
I agree - though it looks as though Georgia's original incursion into the autonomous region did not cause "2000" civillian casualties as claimed by Russia. Russia has played all like a fiddle - including the brokers of the "cease fire" agreement. Clearly there is no time for a careful analysis of the situation - already it's soundbites of "new Cold War" and a political football for the candidates.............

A Musing Reamus from Carlsbad
August 14, 2008 at 11:21 PM
If you believe that southern Osseria was autonomous and the American "friends of Geotgia (Bush, Cheney et al) and that Secretary Rice actually got that doctorate in Russian studies, than I suggest you go back and read some history. It is about the oil pipeline .It goes from Georgia toTurkey and a warm water port. We benefit. The Russians do not.. This story is about the desire of Russia to dominate the Ukraine and the oils sources andf to keep Georgia out of NATO. Bush spend two days in DC dealing with it and is now at the ranch on vacation again. Guess he;s rengaged, huh?

August 19, 2008 at 12:01 AM
Actually, I'm going to be the bad guy here... The Georgia government started this. In fact, if you check out you can see a news clip from the BBC -TWO DAYS- before the invasion about Georgia attacking Ossetia and Russian bases. What's scarier is that Fox News is helping in this censorship, as is shown in a clip here: The Georgian Government is guilty of violent attacks, trying to ethnically cleanse Ossetia, And starting this conflict. And when Russia, who had FAR more provocation than the US did with Iraq, invades to stop this mess, the US government says, "No, that's bad! Russia's the bad guys here!" The hypocracy over all this is just sickening...

August 22, 2008 at 10:09 PM
Steven - Georgia certainly miscalculated in its drive to bring the separtists under control - but you have fallen for Russian propoganda in claiming "Georgia started this" - the claims of ethnic cleansing are not borne out by the facts. Georgia is no sweetheart nation and deserved to be censured - but they are acting within their own borders...Russia as white knight saving Ossetians is a naive interpretation. An even handed reading of things would be closer to Russia baiting and springing a trap - and then aggressing to the point that it now has a headlock on a soveriegn nation. Flooding South Ossetia with Russian passports was the first premeditated move. Relying on a few youtube reports is a bit on the lazy side - no offense.... Chris

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