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Summer Olympics Update: Gymnastics, Michael Phelps, the "Redeem Team"

What's it like to be in Beijing right now? We'll find out from Union-Tribune sports reporter Mark Zeigler, who joins us live for an update on the 2008 Summer Olympics. What were the highlights of th

Summer Olympics Update: Gymnastics, Michael Phelps, the "Redeem Team"

Audio posted Friday afternoon.

Alan Ray: The Beijing Summer Olympics in many ways don't seem to be what they seem to be.

There's the story of fake fireworks at the opening ceremonies. There's the story of a fake face on the little girl who sang on opening night. There's the pre-pubescent-looking Chinese girls gymnastic team.

And what looks like a face-plant by the U.S. women's gymnastic team.

We're joined on These Days by San Diego Union-Tribune sports reporter Mark Ziegler.


  • Mark Zeigler, sports reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He joins us live from Beijing, where he is covering the 2008 Summer Olympics .
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