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Six Do Not Wait For Seven

Corky Lang, the Magical Mystery Literary History Tour & professional & travel director, wrote & a journal & for this blog, offering & glimpses of his perspective as the fearless leader of & 22 intrepid travelers from Prague to Krakow and on to Berlin. Corky's & phrases & became familiar to us all: "You can drink the water," which didn't apply in Poland, and today's snippet--Corky's & subtle warning to the group to be on time. & Herewith, part two & of & "The View from Corky's Head, or a Travel Director's & Private Journal."

Six Do Not Wait for Seven by Corky Lang, Kafka Project Travel Director

Krakow, Poland - June 19, 2008: We arrived late at our Pod Wawelem hotel around the corner from Wawel Castle in time for a quick check-in (mercifully it was fast, very well organized by the hotel) and dinner. & After two meals in Prague where the group was served the exact same dish with different names, I was pleased there was nothing on the plate that resembled mystery meat with albino bread dumplings, red marmalade, or whipped cream. & After dinner, I led the majority of the group on a late night walk to Old Market Square. A short stroll around the castle and a turn down a 14 th century cobblestone lane was remarkable in itself but the big payoff was just ahead. & We spilled out into the largest outdoor square in Europe and our timing was very good. The parade ground in the middle of the square was filled with performing military bands in full regalia. It was a moment that exceeded expectations for the walk....welcome to curiously strange & and fun Poland! In the crowded square, the group separated and I was not going to look for them.


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