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Many Changes on the Horizon for SD City Schools

Is the San Diego Unified School District in a state of flux? Host Tom Fudge speaks to KPBS Education Reporter Ana Tintocalis about a number of significant changes that could affect day-to-day operati

Many Changes on the Horizon for SD City Schools

Audio posted in the afternoon.

Tom Fudge: Next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, the school bell will ring and usher in another academic year in most local school districts. In our region's largest district, San Diego Unified, it will mark the first full year of work for a new school superintendent, Terry Grier. He steps into a job which, like nearly all superintendent jobs in large urban districts, is very tough. The mix of interest groups you work with is diverse and often fractious. You're dealing with this political challenge at the same time you're trying to educate the next generation, a generation that includes kids from troubled families, kids with special needs, and kids who speak poor English.


We're going to spend this hour talking about what's going on in our region's largest district, and what's going on with education generally in the state of California.