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Chargers' Search for New Stadium at a Standstill

What's the latest news on the San Diego Chargers search for a new stadium? Is the team still talking to Chula Vista about building a stadium along that city's bayfront? Host Tom Fudge speaks to Char

Chargers' Search for New Stadium at a Standstill

Audio posted in the afternoon.

Tom Fudge: San Diego Charger fans, right now, are still working to exorcise troubling visions of last second touchdowns and bad calls by referees. But time will pass, and we'll get over that. And, we might want to start thinking about another matter that concerns the fate and future of our football team: the push to build a new stadium.


Several years ago, the Chargers announced that Qualcomm Stadium needed to be replaced for the team to continue to be a financially viable NFL franchise. Agreements were reached with the City of San Diego, regarding the team's Qualcomm lease. And as of the beginning of next year, the Chargers are free to go, provided there's another city that wants them.

The Chargers say they still want to be in San Diego, but there's been very little progress when it comes to finding a new stadium site. Attention had been focused on the Chula Vista waterfront. But it looks like that's no longer the case. Mark Fabiani has been holding a conversation with San Diego about the search for a new stadium.