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Will San Diego Homeowners Vote for Fire Tax?

Prop A, the fire tax measure, is the only local proposition on the November ballot that all county residents will be asked to vote on. The proposition would create a yearly tax of $52 for most proper

Will San Diego Homeowners Vote for Fire Tax?

Tom Fudge : It's tough to raise local taxes in San Diego. You need a vote of the people, and often you need a two-thirds majority. That is the case in next week's election when it comes to local proposition A. Prop A is a property tax that would apply to all parcels in San Diego county. And it would raise money to fight fires.

Fighting fire in San Diego is like Mom and Apple Pie. Paying for it is not controversial. But, unfortunately for the backers of Prop A, raising taxes is always controversial.

Prop A is backed by the vast majority of elected officials in San Diego County. But there's little in the way of money or organization devoted to getting it passed.


  • Alison St John , KPBS reporter.
  • Amita Sharma , KPBS reporter.