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Dede Alpert Talks about Redistricting and the Budget Mess

California voters approved Prop 11, which reforms the state's system of legislative redistricting. But the budget is also a big concern for the state. We'll talk about redistricting and the budget on

Dede Alpert Talks about Redistricting and the Budget Mess

Tom Fudge : Yesterday the California Legislative analyst said that if economic trends continue, as expected, California will face a $28 billion budget deficit within two years. Analyst Mac Taylor called the numbers truly awful. And they come as the Governor has already called a special session to close an eleven billion dollar gap in the mid-year budget.

Meanwhile, a proposition aimed at reforming government looks like it has squeaked by in the November election. Prop 11 changes the way the state draws Legislative boundries. Is redistricting going to solve our budget problems? Of course not. But good-government folks say that if we can change the system to eliminate some of the partisan divide in Sacramento, that's a step in the right direction.



  • Dede Alpert, former California State Senator from San Diego. She was a spokesperson for the Yes on Prop 11 campaign, which reforms California's legislative redistricting process.