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Morning Lustable Reading

Here's some reading for your morning coffee or lunchtime expresso espresso....

For the first time ever, there will be an ice skating rink at Balboa Park's December Nights, which takes place this weekend.

Roman Polanski ( right ) is trying to rid himself of that pesky molestation charge that had him fleeing the country 30 years ago. &


This $300,000 sculpture was destroyed on its way to Art Basel in Miami where it was expected to make quite a splash. & Check out the pictures of the destroyed sculpture. & I think its the airline's fault!

Slate wonders what would have happened with Prop 8 if Milk opened earlier.

Another report emerges saying kids who watch a lot of TV suffer from obesity. & Now, apparently, they also smoke and have lots of sex. & I get so sick of these reports. & The problem is not TV! & The problem is watching it for 5 hours a day!

The Guardian has an interesting article on why artists love to feature Jesus in their artwork.

Also, have you heard about the YouTube Symphony project???


Here's a list of the 40 Greatest Lost Icons in Pop-Culture history . & Lost being the key word there. & #40 is Kato Kaelin.

Have you sleevefaced your favorite album cover yet? &