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California Republicans: Irrelevant or on the Way Back?

These Days checks up on the health of the California Republican Party. Has the party made any strides since the election in finding a vision acceptable to voters or in expanding its base? The answer

California Republicans: Irrelevant or on the Way Back?

Maureen Cavanaugh : It was only a few years ago that California Republicans were riding high. In 2003, the GOP managed to unseat Democrat Grey Davis with rising Republican superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. There was a popular Republican president in the White House and the mood of the country seemed to be moving right of center. In fact, there were folks who were even talking about a permanent Republican majority in the US Congress.

Oh, how times have changed. And now the Republican party in California is suffering such a major identity crisis that even potential GOP gubernatorial candidates are talking about it. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner was recently 34ed saying the state Republican party is pretty aimless.



  • Leo McElroy , independent Sacramento political consultant and contributor to KPBS's Morning Edition.
  • Thad Kousser , associate professor of political science at UCSD, and co-editor of "The New Political Geography of California."