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Good Reads: A Peter Grimes Twitter Challenge, Michel Gondry, and Steampunk

Director Michel Gondry
Director Michel Gondry

I love this contest to see who can come up with the best tweet summarizing an opera plot. If you go see "Peter Grimes" this weekend at San Diego Opera (and you should!), then I challenge you to tweet the plot. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it's a micro-blogging site in which one's posts are limited to 140 characters. Make sure to let me know if you do it and I'll retweet them all.

A British artist named John Taylor has a contest going on his website Film the Blanks. He takes movie posters, some famous, others obscure, and abstracts them. He then asks readers to guess which poster it is and he tallies up the results. Taylor also provides a clue within each post. I have to say, some of them are really hard.

Film director Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Block Party", "Be Kind Rewind", tons of music videos) has a website chock full of interesting, fanciful items, including a roll of toilet paper featuring his scribbles and musings. You can buy said toilet paper, and guess what? I'm just that kind of sucker. That's right, during a recession, I've doled out $13.95 of my hard-earned salary to buy a roll of toilet paper with Gondry's ink drawings on it. SUCKA! (I'll make sure to take pics when it arrives).


Here's one person's list of 10 Things to Hate about NPR. Will Shortz takes a beating.

Word on the street, or the internets, is that the revived Sushi Red Ball fundraiser is going to have a steampunk theme. Visually, that could be a stunning event. It's scheduled for Saturday, June 13th from 7pm to midnight. Tickets are $125 per couple and $75 for a single ticket.

Have you been wondering what happened to that artist who implanted an ear in his arm? Surprisingly, the NY Times has a story on him and he has a show. Go figure.

Here are more Peeps dioramas. The winner this year is an Edward Hopper, Nighthawks stunner by a graphic designer who spent 45 hours putting together her diorama.