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Good Reads: Pulitzer Prizes, J. G. Ballard, Weeds and Bob Dylan

The Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday. Here's a recap of all the arts-related winners. The Book Works in Del Mar recommendedOlive Kitteridge before the Pulitzer Prize committee did. And here's a good piece on Pulitzer-winning composer Steve Reich.

David Ulin has a great remembrance of visionary British novelist J.G. Ballard, who died yesterday morning at 78. Here's a guide to how he was referenced by bands, including Joy Division.

Poor studio execs, having to ride-share to an event instead of taking the private jet.


Do you get a lot of news from Twitter? NPR says many people do. But it may not matter if Oprah kills Twitter.

Are you excited about the new season of HBO's True Blood? If so, here's a scene you might enjoy.

In other TV news, the fifth season of Weeds starts on June 8th and Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the cast as Nancy's (Mary-Louise Parker) estranged sister.

A new Bob Dylan video is up on Amazon, for his new album Together Through Life. It features the photographs of Bruce Davidson, specifically from his "Brooklyn Gang" series. The images are amazing, a world of street toughs and clandestine make-out sessions.