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Video: The Tree Ring's Lyrical New Video

"Wore it Deep" from The Tree Ring

You might remember The Tree Ring's last music video, of which I am a fan, shot at the Grape Street dog park (my old stomping grounds, or rather, my labrador retriever's fave hood spot).

The local indie outfit has - if you can believe it- topped the charm of that video with a new one for the tune "Wore It Deep," off their forthcoming album, "Generous Shadows" (2/12).


Like the dog park video, "Wore It Deep" was also shot by former San Diego filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton. It takes place in the attic of a house/music venue called Habitat. Local artist Wes Bruce designed the space and art directed the video. He spent a few days before the shoot building out the attic space.

All the guests were asked to bring a single lamp with them as their cover charge. You'll see how those lamps star in the video.

There were about 15-20 audience members, most of whom are what Tree Ring frontman Joel P. West calls their "top-tier Kickstarter backers" (Kickstarter is an online fundraising site).

The video just captures the song so beautifully. It has this charming, lyrical quality to it and it appears to be this magical experience for those lucky enough to be there. Look for the lovely Kelly Bennett, arts editor at Voice of San Diego, on violin.

The Tree Ring will play a record release party at the San Diego Woman's Club on February 12th. Check out this video of Joel P. West and the The Tree Ring performing in our studios last year.