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Chapter Four

The day following Rachel's arrest, the board of health places a sign on the fence in front of the Kamala's house saying that it contains leprosy. First the neighbors and then the church ostracize Dorothy. Henry decides to take a job onshore rather than go away to sea for months at a time.

During one of Henry's visits to Rachel, Henry speaks to his brother Pono. Pono asks about his wife and children, and Henry says he saw them a month ago. Pono mentions that leprosy is legal grounds for divorce. He also tells Henry that he will soon be transferred to Moloka'i.

The day after Pono's departure to Moloka'i, Henry sees an American warship approach the harbor, and American soldiers come ashore. The queen surrenders, and a group of American businessmen declare a Provisional Government.


Rachel misses Pono, but she makes new friends, particularly Francine, the girl that tried to befriend Rachel on her second day at Kalihi. Rachel continues to behave in a rebellious manner, making routine examinations tough for the personnel at Kalihi. Henry and Dorothy receive a letter saying that Rachel will be transferred to Moloka'i.

The United States government declares that its troops were wrongly sent to Hawaii, but rather than turn the government back over to the queen, the Provisional Government declares itself the Republic of Hawaii.

When Rachel is taken to Honolulu Harbor to board the Mokoli'i, she briefly sees her family on the other side of a wooden fence.