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Chapter Eighteen


Chapter Synopsis

The girls are dropped off in Tijuana where men stand and ridicule them. They walk past the men jeering at them and further into the streets. Scared and alone they suddenly hear “I am Atómiko!”, and turn to see their warrior friend. He takes them through the streets and stops at a market to make them buy some juice. After feeling refreshed, he leads the girls to a hotel and purchases two rooms, one for them and one for him. He tells them to shower and wash their panties and goes into his room for the night. Nayeli wakes first and walks outside to call Irma. When La Osa picks up the phone Nayeli tells her everything. Irma presses her about Chava and why he was not there to take them across. Nayeli tells her they are going to go back across and once there call Missionary Matt. She also tells her she wants to go to Kankakee. She gets off the phone with her and walks back to find Atómiko and the girls with Wino. Wino tells her he feels bad they got caught and he is going to take them to the hole. They are confused as to what he means, but he promises it’s a guarantee.