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Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Synopsis

Atómiko is the king of the dump. The greatest warrior of all. A self-claimed samurai, he lives in the dump and constantly carries his staff, in place of a samurai sword. Proclaiming “I am Atómiko!” he jumps in front of Nayeli and tries to get her to talk about who she is. She finally tells him about her friends and their mission. Atómiko yells that he is a warrior and may help her, but she tells him to go away. As she walks away two meth heads surround her and try to mug her. Before either of them can make a move, Atómiko smashes the first one on the head, knocking him out, and beats the second one until he passes out. Turning to Nayeli he once again states, “I am Atómiko.” He follows her to a pay phone where she tries to call Irma, but she does not pick up. Ring after ring Nayeli has tears in her eyes and Atómiko tells her “Don’t be sad. I am here.”