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Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Synopsis

The group arrives at a beaten up auto shop. Yolo and Vampi are care-free, but Nayeli is tense and worried about the hole. Wino bangs on the steel door and it opens with smoke billowing out. They go inside and the door in slammed behind them. A man in a jogging suit asks for the boss and Atómiko point to Nayeli. He tells her they were never here, they don’t know about the shop, they never saw anything. If Wino wasn’t his nephew he wouldn’t be doing this. They move product in the hole, not bodies. The girls look around to see bales and bales of marijuana. He explains the hole runs for half a mile right under the border. It comes up in a curtain and drapery stitching company on the other side. When it’s night time, two associates will come and slide two huge sewing machines out of the way and open the door. They head down the hole and reach the end and wait. After a long time they hear scraping above them and the roof pops open. A man tells them to get out and into a van. They are locked in the back and the truck drives for a long time until it finally stops. The trunk is thrown open and the driver tells them to get out. Before they can say anything he is back in the car and driving away.

They see a playground across the street and run to go play on it. They run around reveling in everything, the smells, the people, the children, the clean bathrooms, the bonfires on the beach. Nayeli goes to call Matt and laughs when she realizes she has no American coins. They decide to go get food.