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Chapter Seventeen

Agent Arnold Davis has been in government service twenty-seven years. His wife left him years ago and took the kids. He thinks a lot about the day he will retire and go live in the Colorado Mountains and watch the elk go by. He remarks to himself how there aren't a lot of Border Patrol agents at the station. There are plenty of people, Homeland Security, ICE, etc., just not many Border Patrol. He photographs and fingerprints Nayeli and takes her into a room for interviews. As she begins to tell the story of why she has come to the US, Agent Davis’ mouth hangs open in disbelief. He calls over another agent and makes her tell it again. It is one of the most original stories they’ve ever heard. However, they still didn’t believe her, and put her back in the pen.

The group finds each other in the cell. Yolo and Nayeli start arguing, Yolo blaming Nayeli for getting caught and sending them back to Tijuana. Tacho tries to calm Yolo by telling her to think of home when a bus full of more people pulls up making it loud and hard to hear. Yolo yells to him to repeat what he says and he screams “I think about La Mano Caida!” Again she doesn’t hear her him and he yells even louder “LA MANO CAIDA!” The Border Patrol agents freeze and stare at him. “Did you say Al Qaeda?” Tacho tries to defend himself and shouts again “La Mano Caida”, but the agents only hear Al Qaeda. They take Tacho pulling him away and shove the girls onto the bus back to Tijuana. The girls scream to let them off, but the bus does not stop.