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Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Synopsis

Atómiko and Matt are drunk on his couch, talking about the girls. They are laughing loudly and Yolo comes out to yell at them to be quiet. The boys talk about their lost lives and eventually fall asleep. The girls wake up and do laundry, sneaking around the boys so as not to wake them. The boys wake up and Atómiko demands pancakes.

Vampi is confused by what pancakes are and decides to order huevos rancheros instead. They walk into the American Eagle diner and are seated by a waitress whose nametag says Velma! and who knows Matt. Velma! tells them they must meet El Brujo. She goes to bring them 5 coffees when El Brujo walks up with 5 waters. La Vampi freezes. He is as short as she was with black hair pulled into a heavy ponytail and a swirl of dragon ink on his arm. But the best part is he is wearing a black 69 Eyes t-shirt, Vampi’s favorite band.

That night they go out on a date. They drive to the top of Mount Soledad and watch the lights of San Diego. She feels that she knows he is the one, but does he know as well? They talk and fawn over each other. He tells her he must have done something right for her to come into his life. He knew that she was the one.


He had come north from Leon, Guanajuato. He was a guitarist in a darkwave metal band, but there was no money in it, so he had come to the United States to make a fortune. To his shock, he could not just get on MTV and become rich and famous. He thought anyone could be a rock star in Los Yuanites. After 2 years he realized he would not become famous and tried to find a job. He had been at the diner six years now. He didn’t know what was next. Vampi told him her story and suggested he come back with her.

Nayeli and Yolo looked up Chava in the phone book. Yolo calls him and tells him they were from Tres Camarones calling on behalf of Irma Garcia Cervantes, the mayor of Camarones. He tells her he works the night shift at Hillcrest bowling alley, but doesn’t want them to come. She promises to call in the morning. Once off the phone the girls decided to go see him.