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Mateo Camarillo

I'm a candidate for the newly created majority Latino City Council District 9. I'm an immigrant like many District 9 residents.

I came to San Diego because I believe in the American Dream, Democracy and the land of opportunity. I did not speak English but for me that was a challenge, not a barrier.

It is important to make the most of opportunities and not blame others for circumstances you may encounter. Latinos and their family members are the youngest D 9 which has the largest immigrant population in the City. Latinos have the highest school dropout rate.


As a graduate of Hoover High (in D. 9) where I was awarded 2 scholarships, I was advised to drop out since I had 3 jobs in addition to attending school. Being a drop out is a life sentence of poverty. Our Democratic society offers opportunities. Your only limitation is your effort.

My advice to our youth, go to school as far as you can based on your God given abilities. For Latinos, do not focus on prejudice and discrimination. Rise above that and take advantage of doors of opportunity that will be open to you. Take advantage of opportunities open to you which will be building blocks for your success in the future.

I was a soldier in Germany and offered the opportunity to be the Trans-Atlantic Scoutmaster of the Boys Scouts of America. That is how I became a social worker working with families and communities to change their life circumstances. With those successes, I went into business to be able to have the financial ability to help more people.