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Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Prepares for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

From Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs:

Base officials at Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, set Condition of Readiness (COR) level 3 in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 24.

COR (5-1) conditions notify base residents and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel of proper preparatory actions required to properly secure the installation.


COR 3 is set when destructive winds sustain greater than 50 knots and are anticipated to reach the installation within 48 hours.

As the storm pushes rain and heavy winds toward the installation, preparations on the island include closing the hangars, securing buildings, moving people who are at risk into sturdier buildings, and hauling military craft and transportation vessels out of the water.

"As the storm gets closer to us, we increase our preparedness to ensure our installation is ready for any incoming inclement weather," said NS Guantanamo Bay Emergency Manager Mark Kennedy. "We need to ensure we are in a position to respond to emergencies and recover from any potential damage the storm may cause, while minimizing loss of property and preventing any mishaps to personnel."

During COR 3, community members are encouraged to organize essential supplies including a three-day meal supply including non-perishable food and water. Base residents are also advised to ensure their personal vehicles are fueled. All recreational swimming, diving, and boating is suspended.

COR 4 was initiated base-wide Oct. 23, and all weather patterns were tracked and prioritized in order to advise residents of proper preparatory actions.


Emergency and essential personnel from NS Guantanamo Bay's Emergency Operations Center continue to evaluate and disseminate information as the storm progresses.

Some weather models are forecasting Tropical Storm Sandy's winds and rain could strengthen and make landfall as a hurricane Oct. 25, affecting eastern Cuba.

Sandy is the 18th named storm in the Atlantic this year, tying with 1969 as the fourth most active season on record.