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Week in Review: Last Minute Election Ads and Scuffles

An artist's rendering shows developer Doug Manchester's proposal for the Navy Broadway Complex, October 2009.
Courtesy photo
An artist's rendering shows developer Doug Manchester's proposal for the Navy Broadway Complex, October 2009.

Have you heard? There’s an election on Tuesday! Glad we could be here to break this news to you.

Ok, you probably already know there’s an election, and maybe you’re feeling like 4-year-old Abigael Evans, who had a tantrum while her mother was listening to NPR. Abigael said she was “tired of 'Bronco Bamma' and Mitt Romney’” and received an adorable formal apology from NPR for the election overload.

Abigael Evans

The election will be over on Tuesday, and we will bring you coverage until the very end. This week we hosted a short debate over the controversial Prop 32 that would prohibit unions—and some corporations—from using automatic payroll deductions for political purposes.

We also broke down the complicated Prop 31 that would switch the state budget to every two years instead of every year and would authorize and fund local government plans instead of state programs in some areas.

For information on all local and state ballot measures, check out our propositions page and our nonpartisan Voter Guide.

Oceanside voters can see our coverage on their local elections, including their mayoral candidates’ novel method for attracting viewers to their debate: pizza.


Because the election is nearing its end, TV ads in close races like those for San Diego mayor and the 52nd Congressional District are getting desperate. We analyzed the newest round of ads that attempt to pull at your heartstrings. One of those ads, featuring Congressman Brian Bilbray’s daughter Briana, who has terminal cancer, raises some contradictions about Bilbray’s position on the Affordable Care Act.

Immigration activists are also using Bilbray’s race against Port Commissioner Scott Peters as a chance to make their mark.

If you don’t have time to vote on Tuesday—or just want to get your voting over with—San Diego County has something for you: a chance to vote today at the Registrar of Voters office in Kearny Mesa.

Other Stories This Week

In past weeks, our Investigations Desk has detailed hotelier and U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester’s attempts to flex political muscle over his idea to build a football stadium on San Diego’s waterfront.

Now our desk has uncovered a different Manchester plan: to incorporate a new City Hall into his Navy Broadway Complex.

Congressman Bob Filner opposes the Navy Broadway Complex; City Councilman Carl DeMaio supports it. But DeMaio gave two different answers on whether he’d support including a new City Hall in the complex. On Monday, he said no. On Wednesday, his campaign said maybe. Read our coverage for an explanation.

In other Manchester-related news, U-T San Diego’s circulation dropped 5 percent between September 2011 and September 2012. Manchester and his CEO John Lynch took control of the paper in November 2011, but Lynch says he and Manchester have been turning the diminishing circulation trend around.

Make sure you join us Tuesday night for live election coverage on KPBS radio, TV and on our website. We will provide live results and commentary on the presidential race, other national races and of course local races on radio and TV from 5 p.m. to midnight. We will also have live election results on our website, plus constant updates and coverage. Hang in there, Abigael!