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Chula Vista Patients Will Get A Prescription For Walking

Chula Vista Patients Will Get A Prescription For Walking
A new program will try to boost physical activity through written prescriptions for walking.

Walking is a good way to lose weight and improve overall health. But it's hard to convince people to do it. A new program in Chula Vista will see if "walking prescriptions" will make a difference.

Doctors at a Chula Vista clinic will write a prescription for walking to a targeted number of patients. They'll be invited to join some walking clubs that will meet twice a week. Clinic staff will offer support and follow up.

The advocacy group WalkSanDiego is leading the way. Policy manager Kathleen Ferrier hopes people will get the message that walking is a good thing.


"Having that message delivered from your doctor, we think will make a substantial difference," Ferrier said. "Combining that with these encouragement programs ensuring that there are other people out there walking and inviting these patients to walk, that it will lead to success."

Ferrier said Chula Vista was selected because of its high rates of obesity and physical inactivity.