Rally Near San Onofre This Weekend

Friday, April 27, 2012
By Alison St John

Anti-nuclear activists plan to rally near the San Onofre nuclear power plant 50 miles from San Diego on Sunday.

The rally is timed to coincide with the anniversaries of the disasters at Three Mile Island in March of 1979 and Chernoble, which happened April 26, 1986.

Concern about the safety issues at San Onofre were highlighted when a radiation leak resulted in the shutdown of the plant in January.

Carol Jahnkow of San Diego’s Peace Resources Center said protestors will travel from Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties as well as San Diego.

“If there is a nuclear accident with an air release at San Onofre, people in San Diego will be affected,” Jankhow said, “This is something that can change the face of our county forever, so we need to take that very seriously, and see this as an issue that affects us.”

Jahnkow said a bus will carry protestors from Balboa Park to the protest near San Onofre on Sunday morning.

She said citizen support is building to engage elected officials to demand better emergency preparedness and, ultimately, for the plant to be decommissioned.