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Fake Press Releases, Documents Sent From U.S. Attorney's Office About Pharmacy Shutdowns


United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced that forged documents were sent to media organizations claiming the U.S. Attorney's office was shutting down pharmacies in San Diego County. The identity of the person or people who sent the documents is under investigation.

Fake Press Release About Pharmacy Shutdown
A fake press release claiming to be from the U.S. Attorney sent to KPBS.
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The nonprofit organization Federal Accountability Coalition, which states on its website it is "committed to serving as the watchdogs of democracy," claimed responsibility for the hoax.


"This hoax was conducted in retaliation against U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy for her insubordination against the Obama administration and government of the United States of America," a statement on the website said.

Media organizations like The Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Reader reported pharmacies were being shut down after receiving the fake press releases. KPBS also received the fake release, but did not report on the story.

"United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy today announced enforcement actions against local pharmacies for distribution of drugs for illegal purposes," the fake release read. "Immediate enforcement will target pharmacies in the Coastal areas of La Jolla, Carmel Valley, and Pacific Beach; chosen for both the high rates of pharmaceutical drug abuse and high property values of targeted pharmacies. Affected pharmacies will have 45 days to shutdown in order to avoid harsher penalties."

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