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Public Safety

Bike Lane Goes Green For Safety In College Area

Bike Lane Goes Green
Bicycling has been in the spotlight lately in San Diego. From corrals to a new sharing program, the city seems to be moving in a more bike-friendly direction. The city's newest bike-related improvement addresses safety on the road.

Biking and San Diego seem like a natural fit. Along with the health and environmental benefits, San Diego has gorgeous year-round riding weather.

But biking in San Diego can be dangerous. And a particular stretch of road in the College area has seen a series of accidents including a fatality last April.

The city is attempting to make biking safer there by painting part of a Montezuma Road bike lane with bright green diagonal lines.


It's a strategy that's been adopted in other cities, like Seattle and Portland.

Andy Hanshaw from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition said it's a step in the right direction.

"While paint is not going to physically protect a bicyclist, it is going to create that greater sense of awareness," he said.

The city says green bike lanes will be added where needed, as part of its plan to make San Diego safer for bicyclists.

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