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Sandy Spackman

The following is an excerpt from the candidate's website.Sandy Spackman immigrated to the United States from Laos in 1976 when she was just 10 years old. Her family fled Laos to escape persecution and possible death at the hands of the communist government that took over Laos at the end of the Vietnam War. Like many immigrants before her, she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to come to the U.S. to seek and live the American dream.

After a couple of years in the Pacific Northwest, Sandy’s family settled in San Diego, where she has lived ever since. She grew up in a modest home near Market Street. She attended local public schools, including Chollas Elementary, Pershing Junior High, Crawford High, and Southwestern College. In 1989 she took a break from school to start a family. She and her husband, Howard Spackman, raised a wonderful family of 4 children.

After her children grew older, Sandy re-enrolled at San Diego State University, graduated with a degree in education in 2008, and taught in local public schools for 4 years. She currently works as an Assistant at SPAWAR Systems Center where she recently was recognized for organizing a facility for nursing mothers on the job. She also currently serves as President of the Lao American Coalition (LAC), a dynamic local non-profit organization (non-profit status pending) which provides health awareness, leadership training, and civic engagement, as well as representation of the Laos community within San Diego.


Having lived most of her life in the 4th District, Sandy knows and understands the people in this community and the challenges that face the District. Having experienced the struggles an immigrant faces (learning a new language, facing discrimination and bullying in High school, struggling with poverty, and being unaware of available resources) she brings a perspective shared by many of the 4th District constituents. As a community leader and a strong advocate for the 4th District, she knows how to bring people together for a common purpose. Her vision is clear and her voice is strong that the 4th District deserves the resources equal to any of the eight other San Diego Council districts.

Sandy has demonstrated significant leadership ability. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Chollas View and Paradise Hills neighborhood cleanups
  • South East Asian Refugee Experience event
  • API Health Network Culinary Fusion event (to improve encourage healthy eating and exercise)
  • Health fair (health screening, dental checkups, mental health evaluations, and disseminating of health literature for the community)
  • Coordinating, assisting, and organizing Lao New Year celebrations

Family and community are the most important things in Sandy's life. Her ultimate goal for all of the community events she has organized was to strengthen families and youth in the community. She has also been a very active participant at the Jacobs Center including Community and Cultural Arts Learning Partnership, Arts and Cultural Fest Planning, Resource Development, and the VOCAL group (Voices of Community at All Levels). She has also given significant service through her church over her life time.

Sandy Spackman is well qualified to serve as city councilwoman for the 4th District. She has demonstrated the ability to bring everyone in the District together, and she will bring a fresh perspective to make the 4th District the best District in San Diego.