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Tornadoes, Severe Storms Again In Forecast

Thursday's forecast: More storms across the nation's midsection.
Thursday's forecast: More storms across the nation's midsection.

Unfortunately, the forecasts have been pretty accurate in recent days. The National Weather Service warned there would be more tornadoes and severe storms on Wednesday -- and there were.

The Weather Channel says at least 19 tornadoes touched down Wednesday in four states (Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa). Elsewhere, among the 250 storms reported across the nation's midsection and into the Northeast, hail and damaging winds were typical.

The good news is that we aren't seeing reports of destruction, injuries or deaths. As Omaha's World-Herald says, "lots of tornadoes hit Nebraska, but not much damage results."


The bad news Thursday is that the National Weather Service is saying, again, that "severe weather continues to be a possibility across the Great Plains and the Midwest Thursday. Primary threats are large hail and tornadoes, some could be strong."

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