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San Diego Chargers Season Finale In Danger Of Broadcast Blackout

The San Diego Chargers still have to sell around 3,500 tickets by early Thursday afternoon to avoid having the regular-season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs blacked out on Southern California televisions, the team announced Monday.

The game could give the Chargers an opportunity to make the playoffs if the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins lose in games that begin at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. In that case, a Bolts victory against the Chiefs would send San Diego to the post-season.

The NFL requires all but the most expensive club-level seats at Qualcomm Stadium to be sold 72 hours before the scheduled kickoff in order for a game to be seen on local TV. The league grants 24-hour extensions when a team is close.


The Chargers had a home game blacked out last month and barely avoided having the NFL policy invoked on a few other occasions. Four Chargers home contests were blacked out in 2012.