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San Diego Council Approves 15 Percent Water Rate Hike

The cost of water in the city of San Diego is set to increase 15 percent over the next two years.

The San Diego City Council approved the rate increases by a vote of 8-1 on Thursday. The rate structure will boost revenue by 7.25 percent in 2014 and 7.5 percent the following year.

The majority of the added revenue will pay for increases in wholesale water rates. The remaining revenue will cover the debt on the city's major infrastructure projects, according to the City Council.

The combined rate hikes will increase a typical family's water bill by more than $80 a year. Consumer water bills will include a base fee as well as a charge on the amount of water used.

Currently for single-family homes, the city uses a three-tiers rate for low, moderate and heavy water users; That will expand to four tiers in 2014.

The last time water rates were increased was in March 2011.

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