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Frida Kahlo Exhibit Organizers Respond To Criticism

The producers of an exhibition featuring replicas of Frida Kahlo paintings have added language to materials clarifying that the paintings are replicas and not originals, according to a press release received Wednesday.

Changes were made to address concerns raised in this KPBS story that the show's organizers have not been clear enough about the replicas. The release states: "The producers have added copy at the entrance of the exhibition, in the exhibition catalog, and in print ads."

A spokeswoman for the exhibition explained that a label had been added to the inside cover of the exhibition catalog stating that the paintings are replicas. The catalog is used as a guide through the show.


The print ads were also changed. A spokeswoman said the information at the exhibition entrance is an 8.5-by-11-inch sheet of paper taped to the ticket counter and the door of the exhibit. This information was in place last week. In two sentences, they explain that the paintings are replicas.

Global Entertainment Properties (GEP1), a Los Angeles-based entertainment company is producing the touring exhibition and working in conjunction with the exhibition creators and curators, Dr. Mariella Remund and Hans-Jürgen Gehrke.

“We are honored to have secured this fantastic collection of replicas allowing an experience unlike any other,” GEP1's Martin Biallas explained in the press release. “Frida Kahlo’s original paintings are either in museums, private collections or lost. So these replicas, painted by masters, create the opportunity to see all of her work in a single place.”