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Lawns At 6 San Diego Parks, Rec Centers To Be Renovated In 2014

The lawns at a half-dozen parks and recreation centers in the Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, Navajo and San Carlos areas of San Diego will be renovated this year in an effort to reduce a growing number of injuries, Councilman Scott Sherman announced Wednesday.

The work will begin at Lake Murray Park next week and finish at the San Carlos Recreation Center in August, Sherman said. The grassy areas will be closed for eight weeks at each location while they are reseeded, aerated and fertilized.

The councilman said he's been hearing of an increasing number of injuries at the parks, possibly because of their deteriorating condition.


"It was time to act since the city has been unable to adequately maintain these parks due to budget constraints," Sherman said.

The lawns will be closed at Lake Murray Community Park, 7051 Murray Park Drive, in February and March; Princess Del Cerro Community Park, 6195 Wenrich Drive, in February and March; Lewis Middle School Joint Use Park, also known as Skunk Hollow, 5170 Greenbrier Ave., in April and May; Allied Gardens Community Park, 5155 Greenbrier Ave., in May and June; the lower section of Lewis Park in May and June; and the San Carlos Recreation Center, 6445 Lake Badin Ave., in July and August.

The work will be paid for with more than $50,000 in a District 7 fund earmarked community projects, programs and services, according to Sherman.