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"The Brothers"

For more information about the One Book, One San Diego program, including a list of events around the 2014 selections for adults, teens and kids, visit This discussion guide was created by Lysley Tenorio.

“The Brothers”

Edmond is forced to deal with the sudden death of his younger brother, Eric, who near the end of his life, transitioned from male to female and called herself “Erica.” As Edmond and his mother prepare for Eric’s funeral, Eric is forced to deal with his conflicting feelings about his brother; he both resents him for leaving the family and changing his identity, while at the same time grapples with his own guilt for not supporting him. Days before the funeral, Edmond meets Raquel, a friend of Eric’s, who is also a transsexual woman. As the two talk, Edmond starts to learn more about his brother’s life as a woman, how fulfilled he was by becoming the person he was always meant to be. But the next day, just hours before the viewing, Edmond’s mother tries binding Eric’s body in order to hide his breast implants, and therefore “restore” his gender. Reluctantly, Edmond helps his mother, and immediately after seeks out Raquel, in an attempt to re-connect with his dead brother.