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San Diego Fringe 2014 Awards

"the hideout" from Haste Theatre was selected best world premiere at the second annual San Diego International Fringe awards.
Haste Theatre
"the hideout" from Haste Theatre was selected best world premiere at the second annual San Diego International Fringe awards.

San Diego International Fringe wrapped on Sunday. Here are the shows that took home the awards.

In its second year, San Diego Fringe has done itself proud expanding not only the number of shows and performers but also adding new, exciting venues and attracting great international talent.

The awards, like the shows and performers, are a diverse lot. There seem to be a lot of very specific categories in order to spread out the awards and try to send as many people as possible home winners. I’m happy to say I caught most of the award winners but am sad to have missed Italy’s “Nothing With Nobody.” There was just too much to see. Next year I may take some vacation time to fully enjoy this experience.


I’m thrilled to see “Dr. Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show” (see video highlights below), “Sweet Pang,” and Anna Yanushkevich receive much deserved kudos. But their shows should have had lines around the building and most shows still had some empty seats. I know that a 5 p.m. show time on a weeknight is hard to make but I hope in the years to come San Diegans will start to put Fringe on their calendars and find a way to make time (play hooky from work or school if you have to) to catch some of these performances.

The best of Fringe was electric and revealed how exciting theater can be. My biggest complaint about many of the shows was that despite having the virtues of good writing, strong performances, and solid directing, they lacked innovation and audacity. Fringe should be about taking risks and pushing the creative envelope. Too many shows were just trying to be mini-theater productions. So my request for next year is for artists to be more daring.

Here are the award winners as well as a video of some highlights from “Dr. Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show.” Tin Shed Theater Co. went on to San Francisco after Fringe to perform and then they plan one final performance of the show in Wales before retiring it. They have been doing it for two years and said they need to move on. I can’t wait to see what they do next and they better bring it to San Diego Fringe.

Highlights from Tin Shed Theatre’s Dr. Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show"

Box Office Awards

1) [the] movement initiative "Victor Charlie" (San Diego) – Audience Favorite


2) "Long Way to Midnight" by Jonathan Rosenberg (San Diego)

3) "FIRSTS: A New Musical" by Annika Patton and Emily Ann Laliotis

Best of Fringe:

Vuccirìa Teatro, “Nothing With Nobody” (Italy)

Critics Pick:

2hoots Productions, "Pretending Things Are A C*ck" starring Jon Bennett (Australia)

Producer’s Pick:

Tin Shed Theatre Co., “Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show” (Wales)

Outstanding Direction:

Eddie Yaroch Presents “Nightbird” (San Diego)

Fringe of the Fringe:

California Ballet Company “BALLET 360” producer (San Diego)

Outstanding Site Specific Performance:

3rd Space Theatre Collective, “Jackie and the BeansTalk” produced by Erika Phillips (Belgium, United Kingdom, San Diego)

Outstanding Dance Performance (Concept):

Contemporary Arte In Movement, "Cuentos: From The Living to The Dead" produced by Laurie Muniz-Jaimez (Los Angeles)

Outstanding Production:

The Official Robyn Spangler, “Riddle, Ronstadt & Robyn” (Los Angeles)

Outstanding Dance Performance (Execution):

Blythe Barton and Zaquia Salinas, "Perception and Perseverance" (San Diego)

Outstanding Actor:

John Grady, “Dog Years” (New York)

Outstanding World Premiere:

Haste Theatre, “the hideout” (England, Italy, Scotland)

Outstanding Physical Theatre:

A Little Bit Off , "Beau and Aero" (San Francisco)

Outstanding Solo Performance:

Michael Kass, “Ceremony The Show” (Los Angeles)

Outstanding Musical Performance - Ensemble:

Bodhi Tree Concerts, "7 Deadly Sins" (San Diego)

Outstanding Musical Performance - Solo:

Jack Lukeman, “A Month of Mondays” (Ireland)

Outstanding Testimony - Ensemble:

InnerMission Productions, “The MENding Monologues” (San Diego)

Outstanding Testimony - Solo:

Dacyl Acevedo, “Will Work For” (New York)

Fringe on Fire Award:

Lady Grew, "Sweet Pang!" (Iteland)

Fringe Hustle:

Devra Gregory, "Woman In The Mirror, A Dancer's Journey" (San Diego)

Fringe of the Fringe:

Michelle Trester "To Do:" (New York)

Twisted Fringe:

Anna Yanushkevich, “Nocturnicon” Ocean Beach Playhouse (Russia/San Diego)

Outstanding Street Theatre Artists:

We Three (2014 Buskers)

Visual Artist of the Year:

Deron Cohen

Vendor of the Year:

Mostly Monsters (Chula Vista)

Graphic Design Winning Artist:

Ron Logan (2014 Artwork Designer)

Volunteer of the Year:

Jacob Silva

NOTE: Awards issued are based on 4 basic components.

1) Audience input

2) Artist Input

3) Press Reviews

4) Ticket Sales

San Diego Fringe Festival does not judge nor jury awards.