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Props. B & C: Barrio Logan Plan Goes Before Voters

Props B & C: Barrio Logan Plan Goes Before Voters
Props B & C: Barrio Logan Plan Goes Before Voters
GUESTS:Diane Takvorian, Executive Director, Environmental Health CoalitionJohn Alvarado, Executive Director, Logan Avenue Business Association

The Barrio Logan Community Plan Update was approved by the San Diego City Council earlier this year...but that was not the end of the story. The maritime industry and business groups opposed the plan. They launched a petition drive, collected signatures and now voters will decide on June 3 if the plan moves forward or not.

The City Council passed a resolution and two ordinances last year to install a five-block-long commercial buffer zone that separates residential and industrial zones. The plan allows "community and neighborhood commercial uses'' in the buffer area, but no houses, according to a city staff report.

Proposition B asks voters to approve the council's resolution. Proposition C asks voters to approve the council's ordinances.


Supporters of Props B and C say the Barrio Logan plan is a change that's long overdue. They say the plan will ease health risks for Barrio Logan residents who live near shipbuilding facilities.

Opponents of the plan update say the council's actions would hurt the nearby shipbuilding industry. Ballot language backed by five retired Navy rear admirals calls the plan "a dangerous first step toward elimination of San Diego's shipyards."

All San Diego residents, whether they live in Barrio Logan or not, can cast votes on the issue.

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