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Prop. A Proposes Changes To San Diego City Charter

Prop A Proposes Changes To San Diego City Charter
Prop A Proposes Changes To San Diego City Charter
GUESTS:Sharon Spivak, Deputy San Diego City Attorney, with the Civil Advisory Division James Ingram, Urban Politics lecturer at SDSU and UC San Diego.

On the City of San Diego's June 3 ballot, you'll see Proposition A. The measure aims to change election rules in the city charter.

It has bipartisan support among city officials and no one has filed an official opposition to Prop A. The measure is the first in what is expected to be several changes to the San Diego City Charter. Problems with the official document were highlighted last year, when attempts to remove the mayor from office proved difficult.

As City News Service reported:

The charter as it currently stands only allows for an officeholder to be removed in the event of death, resignation or recall, unless a provision that an official illegally spent city money is invoked.

The lack of an easier mechanism resulted in a recall effort against Filner, who was accused of sexual harassment by around 20 women. He later pleaded guilty to three charges and was sentenced to three years' probation.

City officials have been working on several proposed reforms to the City Charter, but amending the city's governing document requires a public vote.
But some critics wonder if fixing the current charter will fix the problem and instead, would like to see the creation of a new charter.
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