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UCSD Athletics Take Another Look At Division I

The Geisel Library, one of UCSD's most prominent buildings, in an undated photo.
Courtesy of University of California, San Diego
The Geisel Library, one of UCSD's most prominent buildings, in an undated photo.
UCSD Athletics Take Another Look At Division I
UC San Diego refused to upgrade its sports program in 2012, but university officials think a vote in the spring could pass.

Students at UC San Diego rejected a move to Division I four years ago. But university officials think it's time to try again. The question to students: Is it worth the price? If it comes to a vote again, the overall increase in the athletic fee would be $480 a year — phased in over three years.

Currently UCSD's athletic fee is $129.38 per quarter — or $388.14 a year. The proposed annual increase would more than double the athletic fee.

The increase would give the school enough money for needed scholarships and staff members to move to NCAA Division I.


A similar proposal was rejected by students in 2012.

A voting member of UCSD's Associated Students Council told KPBS that student representatives believe with a new generation of students on campus, a vote in the spring quarter could pass.

In 2003 UC Davis made the transition from Division II to Division I.

The move has been beneficial, UC Davis's Assistant Athletic Director for Communications Mike Robles said.

“No matter how you feel about athletics, it is often the front porch to a university," Robles said. "And so for us, to be able to put our school out there on a more national basis, I think has been a very big benefit for the campus.”


Robles said UC Davis's athletic program has high standards.

"We talk a lot around here about how excellent our campus is," Robles said. "Our goal in athletics is to mirror that excellence with what we do."

An Associated Students Council vote is scheduled for Wednesday at UCSD. A "yes" vote would bring the referendum to students in the spring.

UC San Diego Proposed Athletic Fee Increase

Year One Year Two Year Three Total
Quarterly Increase $60 $55 $45 $160
Yearly Increase $180 $165 $135 $480
A table showing the quarterly and yearly breakdown of the proposed athletic fee increase. Note — one year is categorized at three quarters.