San Diego To Consider Temporary Ban On Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Thursday, November 17, 2016
By Brooke Ruth, Maureen Cavanaugh

California voters legalized recreational marijuana in the state on Nov. 8. In San Diego County, 55.7 percent of voters approved Proposition 64, while 44.3 percent voted against the proposition.

Under the new law, cities and counties are allowed to add their own regulations, taxes or bans on marijuana businesses.

National City, San Marcos, Santee and Lemon Grove have already passed bans on recreational marijuana sales.

The San Diego City Council is currently in the process of deciding how it will respond.

The San Diego City Council's Smart Growth and Land Use Committee voted Wednesday to forward a proposal to the full City Council to put a 45-day moratorium on personal outdoor recreational marijuana cultivation and recreational marijuana-related businesses.

The moratorium was proposed to allow the council time to come up with a policy regulating recreational marijuana.

San Diego Councilmembers Chris Cate and Lorie Zapf proposed the moratorium. Cate explains why the moratorium is necessary and the next steps for the city on KPBS Midday Edition on Thursday.