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Toledo Police Dismiss More Than 100 Improper Speeding Tickets

More than 100 people who were issued speeding tickets in Toledo, Ohio have caught a break.

The Toledo Police Department admitted the tickets issued on Feb. 1 were a mistake and have said they are taking steps to refund those who already paid the fines.

All 115 speeding tickets were issued near a school zone, by an officer using a hand-held speed camera. Those ticketed were fined for driving over the school zone speed limit, but were actually driving outside the school zone. The discrepancy was brought to the attention of the department by At-Large Toledo Councilman Rob Ludeman when he contacted Police Chief George Kral. Both Ludeman and his wife received improper tickets within seven minutes of each other, according to The Blade


"The picture showed obviously I was two and a half blocks away when he clocked me going the speed limit for where I was," Ludeman told the local newspaper. The councilman said the officer in question was inside the school zone, but he was pointing his camera outside.

As the refunds for the $120 tickets go out, those who haven't paid will also get notices about the mistake.

"If they have not paid we will obviously let them know they don't have to and if they are in default we will reach out to the company that does the collections and let them know," Kral told The Blade. "This was a case of us being in the wrong place and us owning that we made a mistake and making it right."

Since the mistake occurred, the police department has said it will review the existing signage posted near school zones.

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