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Public Safety

San Diego Police Raid 2 More Marijuana Dispensaries

Narcotics unit detectives served search warrants at two more cannabis dispensaries — seizing 30 pounds of marijuana and $37,000 cash at one location — in the city's continued crackdown on illegally operated dispensaries, authorities said on Thursday.

The dispensaries targeted Wednesday were "The Healing Center,'' at 7920 Arjons Drive in Miramar, and "Kush Factory,'' at 6790 Top Gun Street in Sorrento Valley, police said. The dispensaries, only about three miles apart, were not associated with each other.

"The San Diego Police Department narcotics unit, in partnership with the city attorney's office, are in the process of investigating all illegal marijuana businesses, including delivery services and dispensaries operating within the city of San Diego,'' Lt. Matt Novak said. "As a result, information was gathered that led to search warrants being obtained for these two locations.''


The dispensary on Top Gun Street was closed for renovation and detectives found only a small amount of marijuana, edibles and concentrates there, Novak said. No employees were on site, but police hope paperwork seized in the search will lead them to charge the owner with illegally selling marijuana and operating an illegal business.

The raid was more successful at "The Healing Center'' on Arjons Driver, where detectives arrested and cited four employees for illegal marijuana sales and operating an illegal business, Novak said. They also found 30 pounds of marijuana, other edibles and concentrated cannabis, business records and $37,000 cash.

Police and the city attorney's office have now closed down more than 60 dispensaries since they began a targeted crackdown last March, Novak said. Earlier this month, police warned that all operators and employees — including delivery drivers — face the prospect of prosecution.

"Dozens of property owners and operators have been fined, criminally charged, and prosecuted for operating these illegal businesses without a permit and illegally selling marijuana,'' Novak said following the raid of a marijuana delivery service Aug. 2. "These efforts are continuing and will now include delivery services and all other illegal marijuana businesses in San Diego.''

The Aug. 2 raid of the delivery service marked a shift in police practice — before that, the department seemed to avoid the delivery services in its crackdown.


Voice of San Diego reported today that hundreds of marijuana delivery services are operating across the county, but only eight have the proper permits and meet the other regulations to be considered legal.

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