New Art Exhibition Featuring Latin American Art And Artists Opens In Museums And Galleries Across Southern California

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
By Brooke Ruth, Michael Lipkin
Credit: Sid Hoeltzell
Above: This sculpture by artist Eugenio Espinoza, Untitled (Circumstantial [12 coconuts]), 1971, shown in a photo taken in Miami in 2015. The work is acrylic on canvas, coconuts, and rope, is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. It's part of the Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibition.

It's a sweeping series of art exhibits from Santa Barbara to San Diego showcasing Latin American and Latino art.

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA opened this month with shows in more than 70 museums and artists from 45 countries. There will be pieces from the pre-Columbian Americas, but most of the exhibitions will feature modern artists, including some of the very Chicano artists who were kept out of Los Angeles' most prestigious museums just a few decades ago.

Joan Weinstein, deputy director of the Getty Foundation, which led the planning for Pacific Standard Time, joined Midday Edition Wednesday to discuss the exhibition.

Mingei International Museum: Art of the Americas: Mesoamerican, Pre-Columbian Art from Mingei’s Permanent Collection

Oceanside Museum of Art: UnDocumenta

University Galleries, University of San Diego: Xerografia: Copyart in Brazil, 1970–1990

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego: Memories of Underdevelopment

Museum of Photographic Arts: Point/Counterpoint: Contemporary Mexican Photography

San Diego Museum of Art: Modern Masters from Latin America: The Pérez Simón Collection

QUINT gallery: THOMAS GLASSFORD – TESTIGO / WITNESS: Popular Fiction and the Dismembered Object