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San Diego Community Groups Call For Ban On All Chokeholds

Jade Hindmon
The Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego holds news conference on chokehold ban outside city hall on June 30, 2018.

In San Diego, "standard" chokeholds by police are banned but a similar use of force called a carotid restraint is allowed. Several community organizations have teamed up to push for a ban on it as well.

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“Studies have shown that this is a very dangerous technique to use in restraining an individual," said Alara Chilton with San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.


The Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) maintains when you apply pressure to the neck, death can occur within 2-3 minutes.

“We've had doctors testify to this at the community review board meetings on police practices. We've had doctors reach out to the police and the mayor. We are not getting any ground," said Darwin Fishman of the RJC.

The organization also feels carotid restraints are disproportionately used in communities of color.

"These communities of color are over-policed as it is," said Bowser.

With the names of more than 31,000 people from across the country on a petition, members of the RJC walked into Mayor Kevin Faulconer's office asking that all forms of a chokehold be banned.


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The organization hopes their request makes it onto the city council agenda for a vote.

Mayor Faulconer was unavailable for comment. The San Diego Police Department said they are reviewing the request and will formally respond within 30 days.

San Diego Community Groups Call For Ban On All Chokeholds
San Diego Community Groups Call For Ban On All Chokeholds
On Monday, members of the Racial Justice Coalition walked into the Mayor’s office demanding a ban on the use of all law enforcement chokeholds.