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Roundtable: Battle For The House

Roundtable: Battle For The House
Roundtable: Battle For The House
Roundtable: Battle for the House PANEL:Jill Castellano, reporter, inewsource Michael Smolens, columnist, The San Diego Union-Tribune Alison St John, reporter, KPBS News Lori Weisberg, reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune

House Campaigns Ramp Up

With less than two months until the general election, campaigns are now starting to accelerate. At the national level, California will be closely watched as Democrats try to regain control of the House of Representatives. Many seats are in play and former President Barack Obama has chosen Orange County to begin his series of stump speeches on behalf of Democratic candidates. Mike Levin, who is battling Diane Harkey in the 49th Congressional District, will be part of Saturday’s event with President Obama.

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San Diego Fuels the Gas Tax Repeal Effort

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio's success in getting the gas tax repeal on the ballot has helped galvanize California Republicans. Proposition 6 has emerged as one of the most high-profile issues heading into November, with a high level of support in the San Diego area. Beyond the politics, there are practical ramifications for road repair and infrastructure projects should Proposition 6 pass.

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The Job Market and Older Workers

While the economy is growing and unemployment is low, older workers still face obstacles in finding well-paying jobs. Ageism has always been an issue in hiring, but as more people work well into retirement age and beyond, they tell The San Diego Union-Tribune that it’s difficult to compete as a job seeker.

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